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What to wear to Sisters with Soul and Smooth FM’s Luxury Concert

Oh no!!! It’s not too late for me to help you with Sisters with Soul, really it isn’t. I’ve been off the radar so I couldn’t get this in. So I’ma make it quick. I’m instantly thinking of plaid, hound’stooth, metallics, weaves, pixie cut, falsies, bold colours, feminine, flirty, comfy, and the pretty Ankara prints….Let’s get specific.

1. Hair: This evening, you need the most glamorous do ever. From your straight sleek weaves to the wavy ones or to the baddest cut ever. You should ensure that your hair works for this event. Feminine and sexy

2. Clothes: My ideal look tonight is not the over flogged evening gown, nossirr!!!!!!! I’d be rocking a jumpsuit. If you would love to do a dress, think short (not extra short), flared, pleated or perhaps a bandage dress if you’ve got the body for it. You can also do a romper, high waisted pants. Think glam, be glam!

3. Accessories: There is no better event than this to wear those really bold statement neckpieces you’ve hidden away for so long. It doesn’t matter if it’s plastic or gold-plated, you should consider wearing a neckpiece. But note that this should work with and not against your outfit. Think bangles, rings and don’t forget your wristwatch.

4. Shoes: This is the time to really channel your inner diva, really. Pumps, booties, peep-toes even gladiators would work depending on your outfit. The key for shoes is comfy, really.

5. Bag: Depending on what you’re wearing, the ideal bag might be a clutch but make it an oversized clutch. A messenger bag, crossbody bag or tote should work. Let your clothes dictate. Do not forget hygiene and confidence: Everything you do in steps 1-3 above will just go to the dustbin if you don’t have your babeliness game on (Proper hygiene and a healthy dose of confidence).

6. Don’t forget to get your makeup, pedicure and manicure done. And like I always say, babeliness begins with cleanliness.

I love Mary J Blige and always will. I also love all the babes sharing the stage tonight. Special love to Niyola. Whatever it is, please tag your pictures with latendenzalagos and let me see what you’re wearing.

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