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FAB – the new way to fabulosity

FAB – the new way to fabulosity[1]

You know that thing about if happiness came in a pill, everyone would be happy?  Being the ‘stylista’ that I am and avid Kimora Lee Simmons lover, I started to wonder ‘what if fabulosity came in a can?’  In her book on Fabulosity, KLS says Fabulosity is a state of everything that is fabulous & a quality ascribed to that which expresses glamour, style, charisma, power, and heart.

The Urban Dictionary says only a select few out of the whole human population are fabulous enough to live in ‘fabulosity’.  So what’s a girl like me to do?  Before you start thinking that fabulosity=all things glam only, stop and think again. 

Enter Forever Living’s exceptional energy drink – FAB.

With much ado about the down sides of most energy drinks on the market (see this article BBC on energy drinks) and the ever increasing need to keep up with the fast pace of our world (or is it the rat race), it’s no surprise that FLP should come up with such an exceptional product.  FAB is fabulosity in a can.  It’s what you reach for when you want ‘clean’, ‘sustainable’ energy. 


FAB is what you drink when you need to get into the state of mind that says confidence and style have kissed, energy and passion have met.  FAB is the energy drink that helps you channel the energies of your inner and outer beauty.

FAB delivers verve without incorporating the famed culprit ‘caffeine’.   Check out this quote from Forever Living Products – ‘FAB’s “boost” is different from other energy drinks because it gives you both immediate and long-term energy. The immediate boost comes from guarana, a natural ingredient that is very popular in Brazil, while the long-term energy is powered by ADX7 technology: a proprietary blend of adaptogenic herbs and other nutritionals developed by a leading Russian sports scientist and researcher. ADX7 has helped Russian track and field athletes win over 130 medals in Olympic competition!


FAB is a quick, refreshing way to stay energized and alert all day long. And it revitalizes you so you have the endurance and concentration to do all the things you have to do, plus the things you want to do.  Guarana provides a natural boost powered by a proprietary blend of adaptogenic herbs’.

So what you gon’ do? Wait till the rat race drains you out or reach for a can of FAB?


Talk to me

I care about style, and about your lifestyle.  What’s more?, I want to share all my keys to fabulousity with you.  For more info on how to get your fabulosity on, please contact Tolulope on +234 8023 655728 or Adedayo on +234 7030 281898 or tweet at @latendenzalagos

[1] This article is not an advert or approved document of Forever Living Products.  It is a reflection of my thoughts and opinion on FAB.


HP Envy Music Festival – what to wear

Geek is chic! And if by now you’re not sure you’ve gotta ask Angela Ahrendts ex CEO of Burberry why she moved over to Apple. Better still, you would beg @gbemioo to give you a ticket to the much raved about HP Envy music festival. Lol!

Topping my list of things trending now is the integration of various aspects of life – business, technology, industry with fashion, style, music. Makes life more meaningful. The Hp Envy event is strictly by invitation on 18 October, 2013 so you know it’s not the time to be sloppy. Loads of artistes from @iamniyola to @iceprincezamani are showing up there. Whachu gon’ do?

I figure that a lot of guys will turn up looking like Bez, the glasses and all. Others will just be laid back daper like Tu Face but the girls???

1. Hair: I like to work with themes, you know? It makes dressing up or down much easier. For this event, I’m favouring the bun (that’s refusing to go outta fashion) either piled high or just a bit low. I’m also thinking ponytail or even pigtails. Trust me, pigtails make you look younger and more geek chic than ponytails. Of course, if you wear short hair a lightly tussled hair-do is perfect.

2. Accessories: For my geek-chic look, I’d do without my earrings or wear studs but I will compensate with stacking bracelets, charm beads, my wristwatch OR a neckpiece and some bracelets. Depending on what I’m wearing I would hold a clutch or carry a messenger bag.

3. Clothes: Depending on what you’re going to do – party like a rockstar only or network and party, I’m favouring shift dresses, jumpsuits, denim looks, shorts, peg pants, skirts, tartan/plaid (which is trending now). My ideal look will be buttoned up denim shirt plus a floral pleated skirt, slippers (not flip-flops o!) and a messenger bag. I expect to see high tops, sneaker wedges, the whole range of quirky fashion.

4. Makeup: This should by no means be loud so I’m favouring the ONE only principle that is only one bold colour on your face be it lips, cheeks, eyes. Just one pop of colour. Though I will permit falsies *chuckles*

I didn’t put any pictures in here but you would get all the inspiration you need in my Looks I love tab. Need I say your babeliness game is incomplete if you’ve got hygiene all wrong? Don’t forget to freshen up, chew a piece of gum or whatever else you know to do.

Let’s have fun tomorrow! For more detz, you can tweet at @gbemioo #hpenvymusicfestival #imadumpcoachella

Phillip Lim’s Target

I can hear you thinking bull’s-eye?  But I’m actually referring to Phillip Lim’s much talked about and greatly loved bag collection for Target!

Even though there was absolutely no way for me to be in the store when it opened, I did feel the same sense of excitement and elation when the news broke.  In my world of designer vs. high street fashion, it’s the only question on my mind.  And when De Divah Deals requested that I repost Duro Olowu + JC Penney on Facebook, I knew there’s something right about my world.

What makes designers collaborate with high street?

If you’d never heard of Phillip Lim before, you sure know him now (and I’m speaking to myself mainly).  And it’s pretty much the same way that a lot of career women (middle-class) find themselves stocking Michael Kors, Marc Jacobs, Tory Burch accessories (in Lagos, Nigeria, at least) instead of Prada, Louis Vuitton, Balenciaga…Please do not get me wrong,  I totally love Louis Vuitton, Prada, Balenciaga and all they represent (the snag is I can’t ALWAYS afford ’em) and I’m by no means saying that MK and Marc have high street collabos (or not) but they have certainly made themselves available to people like us (whose limit for designer items is below $200).  And that’s precisely why Phillip Lim would do something for Target – to make himself available to us.

In this day and age when designers appear to exist only for the elite and our beloved celebs, Phillip’s move is absolutely on point.  Not to come across as desperate (after all, it’s my money I’d spend), I would love to see designers (not celebrities) make an attempt to broaden their reach from haute couture and make more prêt-a- porter and affordable items (since they’ve made Prive, Atelier and other exclusives).  It’s absolutely possible!


What to wear – Music meets runway

How to get the best look ever!

If you’re like me, the excitement of going to parties or events quickly fades when you feel like you’d never get the perfect look.  Getting ready for an event doesn’t have to be hard work or depressing especially when we are here (and so many others too) to help you get ready.

Before I get to actual pictures of things you can wear, let’s start with tips.  These tips are somewhat specific but can be general too, let’s go;

– Plan ahead: This sort of goes without saying. The only way to get the best of anything is to plan for it.  Planning will start with visualizing/conceptualizing your look, in terms of what you want to look like which colours, which accessories, what hair, makeup and so on.  You would also need to check if the items in your wardrobe will suffice or perhaps you need to go shopping for stuff.  For makeup, I suggest you get it done properly. If you’re not good DIY wise, please visit Sleek, Zaron, MUD, Faces of Dee and the like to get your makeup done (what’s worth doing…)

– Decide which theme you’re going with: For Music Meets Runway, you need to decide if you’re channeling music or the runway OR if you’re gonna subtly merge these 2 themes.  Note the word subtly. 

To channel music, think of rock and roll chic looks, hip-hop/ghetto fabulous looks, street style…You’d need studded accessories (purse, shoes or neckpiece), bling, distressed denim, pumps, sneakers, jackets, leather…

To channel fashion: think of fashion trends in style at the moment, florals, monochrome, prints…think dresses, jumpsuits, statement neckpieces, think glam.  You’d need bright colours, risqué pieces, pumps, just think uber chic.  If this is just too tasking, look up your favourite music stars or celebrities and recreate the most appropriate look.  You can also check out the collections of the fashion designers slated for MMR.

– Dress like you might run into your worst enemy: This is my number one mantra and I found it in Kimora Lee Simmons’ book on Fabulosity.  If you’ve got no enemies, insert best crush and you’re good to go.

– Do not forget hygiene and confidence: Everything you do in steps 1-3 above will just go to the dustbin if you don’t have your babeliness game on (Proper hygiene and a healthy dose of confidence).

Whatever you do, DO NOT wear the same colour as the carpet.  You need to remember that the carpet colour is not the same as the colour code for an event.  I reviewed the pictures from last year’s MMR and I deeply believe that the greatest mistake was made by anyone who wore black on the black carpet (Monochrome would have been better than black).  Come on!!! You should stand out on the carpet not blend in.

And before you send me pictures of celebs wearing red on a red carpet or yellow on a yellow carpet, remember that those colours are bright colours and look closely at the shade of red or yellow the person is wearing – the only way to shine while wearing the same colour as the carpet is to wear a different shade.

For more info on Music Meets Runway, check out http://www.musicmeetsrunway.com/  http://lindaikeji.blogspot.com/2013/09/the-countdown-to-music-meets-runway.html http://www.bellanaija.com/2013/09/05/its-a-mega-countdown-to-music-meets-runway-2013-win-tickets-smartphones-exclusive-pre-party-invites/

I’m as excited as you are, and I can’t wait to see y’all at MMR 2013.

 2013-Elegant-Women-Fashion-Sexy-Back-Hollow-High-Waist-Beading-A-line-Sleeveless-Bodycon-Short-Prom_summ 2013-New-Women-Bohemian-Fashion-Elegant-Hollow-Out-O-neck-Sleeveless-Pleated-Floor-length-Maxi-Long_summ 2013-Spring-Autumn-Hot-Celebrity-Fashion-Women-Classic-Elegant-Turn-down-Collar-Half-Puff-Sleeve-Bodycon_summ 2013-Summer-New-Women-Fashion-Elegant-Sleeveless-Deep-V-neck-Pockets-Long-Loose-Pants-Pleated-Jumpsuits_summ Chiffon-Jumpsuits-For-Women-2013-New-Fashion-Sleeveless-Jumpers-and-Rompers-Elegant-White-and-black-overalls_summ effortless chiclvchecked_thumb[3]0629db7cf9afd3e3ea883897834e3578 710247db8fb4fd567b3233205cfd085c imagesCA2OSD7T imagesCA3EJ2Y8 imageirts imagesCA0PCFS5 images PLUS-SIZE-M-L-XL-XXL-XXXL-2013-Summer-Gauze-Small-Suit-Jacket-Women-Thin-Design_summForever 21 rivet clutch Primark rivet clutch Topshop top punk

See what Crystal Reed wore

That I generally believe that high street fashion trumps designer for the average babe (like me) is reinforced every time I look at the magazines or check websites… I certainly indulge in designer accessories like shades, watches and all. So when I saw Crystal’s clutch, I knew once and for all that I’ve been right all along.

Crystal’s clutch is by Valentino while in store at la tendenza and la tendenza lagos, we’ve got the Zara version.

Now you see why I’m always on about high street v. designer.


Go diva! Unleash the celeb within

It’s like looking for a needle in a stack of hay or searching for diamond after a volcanic eruption. But there’s always treasure to be found beneath it all. Fashion and style are different but they give us all the opportunity to express ourselves.

I believe there’s an inner celeb in everyone, an inner goddess in every babe and an inner diva in some. I also believe that #style and #class are not at the instance of designer and luxury items. As Chanel says, beauty comes from within and Mango is stopping at nothing to help chics on a budget channel their inner celeb.

These dresses are show-stoppers and I Love love love them

#fashionista #fabyou #style #fashion #highstreet #innerdiva #mangofashion


Amazing August – La tendenza Lagos’ loyalty reward system

There’s something about August and I just found out. 🙂  It seems to be the coolest month of the year.  In Nigeria, we witness the August break (when the rains don’t fall (as much)) and that’s why we are bringing you something special this month.

Some of you lovelies already know what our loyalty reward scheme is about but this month there is a twist.  Our loyal buyers stand the chance to win a free bag when they buy a bag and other buyers stand a chance when they qualify.  See our post on the loyalty reward system https://latendenza.wordpress.com/2013/08/12/2123/

Now, if I were you I would hurry! ’cause orders are coming in and the stock of the main promo bag (Atmosphere Saffiano – nude shown but available in Black and Blue) is going down.

 The promo is valid till end of August and we have included other promo items to make up for reduced stock of the Saffiano bag.  It’s Amazing August sweetie, what more can I say.

 Remember, the promo is exclusive of the freebies on purchase which you get at La tendenza Lagos.  Yayyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Who else gives so much love?

 Your loyalty status is valid for a year and we encourage you to keep your purchases up since there are other levels and juicier freebies.

 Atmosphere tote Bowling bag Primark makeup purse Primark Travel tote Pink crossbody Primark shopper Primark Beach tote Primark Mustard White quilt


So hurry, you don’t wanna miss out on all this love.