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The journey to babeliness – Step 4 (you have arrived!)

Nether regions

The age we’re in makes it possible for us to discuss this unabashedly (which is such a good thing).  Without thinking that the references to the female genitalia in today’s music are the only thing that can get the V queendom attention, I am writing a few tips for babes.

Beyond sexy lingerie, lacy pants and racy knickers, the state of V is very important.  I can’t overemphasize that.  I’ve been privy to some conversations with guys that left me quite uncomfortable and slightly embarrassed.  I mean who wants to be around when guys are thrashing a girl for smelly V.  Excuse my Latin

Does this mean that a babe can never fall victim?  Certainly not, but a babe will never be the one who constantly has an unpleasant V queendom. And while there are many causes for an unpleasant V queendom, a lack of hygiene is the main culprit. Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ta dah…La tendenza to the rescue

1. Stay clean:  At the risk of stating the obvious, this is my very first step and it stands to reason.  Remember, babeliness begins with…cleanliness.  The mere fact that some women have not connected with their V makes it impossible for them to take care of it or her.  What to do? 

Wash and rinse well: While some peeps have cast vaginal wash to the abyss, I am a stickler for the use of vaginal wash and I swear by Lactacyd vaginal wash.  However, babes must note the following:

– Never use scented, perfumed or fragranced vaginal wash. 

–  Never stick the product inside your V, the wash is for external use only. 

–  Never use a vaginal wash when you have an infection.

–  Never confuse a vaginal wash with a douche.  Always follow the instructions on the pack.  If in doubt, stick to warm water and a wash cloth (or unscented baby wipes – I love Huggies).

2. Take the hair out – Shave or trim: In the same way you need to shave your underarms to avoid trapping sweat between hairs, you need to shave or trim your pubic hairs.  I know, I know.  It’s not the easiest task.  And I have certainly suffered bumps from using a stick, burns from using cream which brings me to trimming with a pair of scissors.  However, waxing trumps them all.  You get the cleanest, most long-lasting shave with waxing.  Err…no pain, no gain.

3. Let the air in: Nothing causes dampness and smell more than a lack of air.  Remember what we do – wear panties (with panty liners, I hope), wear body shapers, wear chemise, wear trousers or skirt.  More than half the time, we have our V queendom totally covered.  We need to aerate more often.

4. Stay healthy: Before delving into good eating habits for a happy V, I’m gonna start with clear off all infections by getting proper treatment.  Never neglect an itch (not that other itch) or a smell and make sure you do the things that keep you free from infections.  Eat more yoghurt, drink more water, eat more fruits and take less sugar.

5. Good habit help: Wear cotton pants, they may not be the sexiest but they sure are the healthiest.  Keep lace, silk, satin and all for date nights.  And if you ever have a sexergency, the guy would probably be too distracted to notice you’re wearing cotton not lace.  Wear panty liners to keep your secretions from your panties and clothes.  Change your tampons and sanitary pads more often.  And don’t forget to see your gynae.

Legs and feet

If they didn’t mean a thing, we won’t have the phrase ‘Put your best foot forward’. And rightly so!.  Beyond guys who have a foot fetish and babes who’d love to model for Christian Louboutin, great legs and feet are a must for any babe.  What to do?

1. Cream it: I get really upset when I see girls with white patches or scratches on their legs or feet.  I can’t understand why these parts of our body should be neglected.  It doesn’t matter if you are wearing the most expensive pair of shoes, dry legs and feet take the shine off even the most sparkly shoes.  Always apply cream to your legs and feet (use foot cream if you get sweaty feet).  I am tempted to speak authoritatively about leg hair but I’m just gonna keep it at my opinion – if you’ve got hairy legs, you’ve got no business keeping them.  Shave them off!

2. Pedicure is it: That’s all I can say.

Now that we’ve gone through the steps, I‘m gonna summarise the journey so that you can babe up in a day.

-Hair: Clean, treat, eat right & dump the synthetic weaves for human hair extensions.

-Face & Neck: Clean, hydrate, eat right and do facials

-Hands, arms & torso:  HANDS-clean, moisturize, polish (or not) & get a manicure

ARMS-clean, hair-free &use deodorant

TORSO: keep tight

-Nether region, legs & feet: NETHER REGION-clean, air, freshen, eat right & shave (or trim)

LEGS & FEET-clean, shave (or not), moisturized & get a pedicure

You’ve got it, babe!