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While taking photos of this dress I had a random person walk up and say “I feel like I have just climbed so many stairs, and walked this long path, to find the beautiful queen in a dream.” Who doesn’t like to hear compliments like that, right? lol  This is a gown from Carrie’s Holiday Collection that I feel is just whimsical with the skirt and the fabric falling from the gloves, and just.. stunning. It’s probably because I’ve been watching a lot of Merlin lately, but when I put it on I just kept thinking “queen”, so I wore this with a tiara and other pieces of jewelry from a Lazuri set that can be changed from platinum to gold, bling and bright on/off, the stones change colors, and there’s three options for the diamonds.This isn’t just an enchanting gown though! It comes with some sexy lingerie! The…

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HP Envy Music Festival – what to wear

Geek is chic! And if by now you’re not sure you’ve gotta ask Angela Ahrendts ex CEO of Burberry why she moved over to Apple. Better still, you would beg @gbemioo to give you a ticket to the much raved about HP Envy music festival. Lol!

Topping my list of things trending now is the integration of various aspects of life – business, technology, industry with fashion, style, music. Makes life more meaningful. The Hp Envy event is strictly by invitation on 18 October, 2013 so you know it’s not the time to be sloppy. Loads of artistes from @iamniyola to @iceprincezamani are showing up there. Whachu gon’ do?

I figure that a lot of guys will turn up looking like Bez, the glasses and all. Others will just be laid back daper like Tu Face but the girls???

1. Hair: I like to work with themes, you know? It makes dressing up or down much easier. For this event, I’m favouring the bun (that’s refusing to go outta fashion) either piled high or just a bit low. I’m also thinking ponytail or even pigtails. Trust me, pigtails make you look younger and more geek chic than ponytails. Of course, if you wear short hair a lightly tussled hair-do is perfect.

2. Accessories: For my geek-chic look, I’d do without my earrings or wear studs but I will compensate with stacking bracelets, charm beads, my wristwatch OR a neckpiece and some bracelets. Depending on what I’m wearing I would hold a clutch or carry a messenger bag.

3. Clothes: Depending on what you’re going to do – party like a rockstar only or network and party, I’m favouring shift dresses, jumpsuits, denim looks, shorts, peg pants, skirts, tartan/plaid (which is trending now). My ideal look will be buttoned up denim shirt plus a floral pleated skirt, slippers (not flip-flops o!) and a messenger bag. I expect to see high tops, sneaker wedges, the whole range of quirky fashion.

4. Makeup: This should by no means be loud so I’m favouring the ONE only principle that is only one bold colour on your face be it lips, cheeks, eyes. Just one pop of colour. Though I will permit falsies *chuckles*

I didn’t put any pictures in here but you would get all the inspiration you need in my Looks I love tab. Need I say your babeliness game is incomplete if you’ve got hygiene all wrong? Don’t forget to freshen up, chew a piece of gum or whatever else you know to do.

Let’s have fun tomorrow! For more detz, you can tweet at @gbemioo #hpenvymusicfestival #imadumpcoachella

Do you feel like models will have a better sense of fashion than other celebs, perhaps singers? Yes or yes. I think YES!!!


Supermodel Kate Moss began working with Topshop in 2006 . The first collection was unveiled in 2007. The success of the collaboration was fantastic : up to 2010, 14 collections Kate Moss for Topshop were created , where she played the role of the designer and model. Brand owner , Sir Philip Green has never ruled that Kate can get back to creating clothes for the brand . And so it happened until today when Women’s Wear Daily announced that a new collection will be released in April 2014, stating that an official announcement to be followed today .

According to a source, Kate Moss and Sir Philip Green decided to re-engage in August when vacationing in the south of France. The source said Moss suggested to Green the time was right to resume their fashion collaboration, which wound down in November 2010. Moss has already started to work at the collection…

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,Today you are you..

I’m so happy I have found someone who shares my view.  You are you and style should ALWAYS be about you.  Not only does it help your confidence, it helps your pocket. *smiles*


 Finding your personal style can be a challenge. It can be a daunting, unimaginable task. But good news! Don’t worry! It isn’t something you just arrive at and stop. It is a journey, you are forever recreating yourself. That’s why I’m here, to help you along the way. This will be our first step. 
 One thing I’ve learned though all my amazing shopping trips and peering over blogs for countless hours is to have a style. Have a look that’s purely you. It doesn’t have to be anything extraordinary, just a concept of how you want to look and what you love to wear.
 It will start with something small, like a jacket, or a pair of jeans that fit perfectly. Something about a particular garment (doesn’t even have to be a garment, could be a pillow, a painting, or a rug!) that you find soothing, your soul attaches to…

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It’s your love (that keeps me going)

It’s not for lack of anything else to write that I’m doing this (posting pictures of me being unserious), it’s just that I’m pretty overwhelmed by the love you show me and the support you give me. I could never be anything else but me so I’d best be me. Lover of fashion, style, life, success…

You inspire me and make me keep believing that I can do it, be anything I wanna be, do anything I set my mind to. You read my posts, you follow my blog, you like my pictures, you shop at my store, you diss me, you make me better.

It’s your love that keeps me going and for this I am deeply grateful. So I’m sending you a kiss and amother and my funny faces.



The psychology of style

Mind over matter, mind is what matters, mind doesn’t matter, mind is the matter… as I run through the different (crazy) combinations of the phrase ‘Mind over matter’, I can’t help but run over different combinations before deciding what to wear.  While some start the day trying out different looks others have it all lined up for a week.

It’s sorta funny and you don’t realize it unless you think about it, our style is influenced by who or what we are.  At least, it should be (ultimately).  I believe that style is your interpretation of fashion.  Yup!!  It’s personal.  And whether you’ve been influenced by culture, trends religion, celebrities or whatever else, style is intricately linked to your person.

This simple fact is probably responsible for the success or failures of styling projects because styling should be about the ‘styled’ not the ‘stylist’.  And to dig in, we can begin with a barrage of questions like why do most workers choose structured bags?  Why do we like certain colours or perhaps no colour? How do we choose the type of clothes we buy, or the fabric or material?  Why do certain celebrities appeal to us and others don’t?  Why choose citrusy perfumes over fresh or woody scents?  If style is not about me, then who is it about? The list of questions is endless and so are the answers.

I do not claim to have the answers to all these questions, but we can agree that perhaps our jobs, current status etc affect what we wear but it’s our personality that dictates the way we dress.  As someone who loves to alignment and coming across as organized, it’s no surprise that I would take a structured bag over a slouchy one or wear clothes and that fit my frame (not tight clothes).  Beyond celebrity inspirations for dressing is styling – dressing to suit your body shape, colour and personality.  This should form the basis for your shopping trips and we can use the following tips: 

  • Find out who you are.  This may sound clichéd but it’s a good place to start.  Answers will come easily by analyzing the trend of what you are attracted to or what appeals to you.  It may be difficult to actually go on a voyage of different styles throughout this generation but the designers, magazines and celebrities do a good job of showcasing styles.
  • Understand that fashion and style are not the same (nor can be)Yves Saint Laurent said fashions fade, style is eternal.  This couldn’t be more apt, trust me.  And once you understand that the distinction, then you will always be able to manage trends.  One secret I found from studying fashion trends (a bit) is that it’s cyclical.  Such that for the most part, trends are repeated every 10-20 years.  Just my secret for trend-setting and being stylish.  Plus I found this just for you: Value of style
  • Ask yourself what you’d like to achieve with the way you dress (what’s that thing about dressing how you want to be addressed).
  • Invest in timeless pieces.  It doesn’t matter if you’re on a budget or not.  It’s best to invest in basics that can never go out of fashion and still always complement your style.  Things in solid or neutral colours and the like.
  • Understand that your style is expected to evolve as you go through different phases of your life.  If it’s not evolving, then something might be wrong.  You may be stuck in some phase of your life or having issues in some areas.  That’s how deep this style thing is and if you don’t believe me just watch a few episodes of ‘How do I look?
  • Other things include finding your style inspiration and evolving (style-wise) with that person, stay true to yourself no matter what, invest in good style magazines to review looks and manage trends, check out style blogs and seek advice.

I leave you with my new mantra from Kimora Lee SimmonsDress like you might run into your worst enemy.

You go!!! It all begins and ends in the mind.

Amazing August – La tendenza Lagos’ loyalty reward system

There’s something about August and I just found out. 🙂  It seems to be the coolest month of the year.  In Nigeria, we witness the August break (when the rains don’t fall (as much)) and that’s why we are bringing you something special this month.

Some of you lovelies already know what our loyalty reward scheme is about but this month there is a twist.  Our loyal buyers stand the chance to win a free bag when they buy a bag and other buyers stand a chance when they qualify.  See our post on the loyalty reward system

Now, if I were you I would hurry! ’cause orders are coming in and the stock of the main promo bag (Atmosphere Saffiano – nude shown but available in Black and Blue) is going down.

 The promo is valid till end of August and we have included other promo items to make up for reduced stock of the Saffiano bag.  It’s Amazing August sweetie, what more can I say.

 Remember, the promo is exclusive of the freebies on purchase which you get at La tendenza Lagos.  Yayyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Who else gives so much love?

 Your loyalty status is valid for a year and we encourage you to keep your purchases up since there are other levels and juicier freebies.

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So hurry, you don’t wanna miss out on all this love.