Here is a classic Audrey tactic: Wearing belts to flatter your outfit and style

I absolutely agree like I know that I could totally wear a belt on a peplum top 🙂


Belts are the easiest way to create new looks. They add a fashion touch and class to your wardrobe. Choose a dark colored belt or belts of a contrasting color and it will make a huge difference by adding dimension to your outfit!





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FAB – the new way to fabulosity

FAB – the new way to fabulosity[1]

You know that thing about if happiness came in a pill, everyone would be happy?  Being the ‘stylista’ that I am and avid Kimora Lee Simmons lover, I started to wonder ‘what if fabulosity came in a can?’  In her book on Fabulosity, KLS says Fabulosity is a state of everything that is fabulous & a quality ascribed to that which expresses glamour, style, charisma, power, and heart.

The Urban Dictionary says only a select few out of the whole human population are fabulous enough to live in ‘fabulosity’.  So what’s a girl like me to do?  Before you start thinking that fabulosity=all things glam only, stop and think again. 

Enter Forever Living’s exceptional energy drink – FAB.

With much ado about the down sides of most energy drinks on the market (see this article BBC on energy drinks) and the ever increasing need to keep up with the fast pace of our world (or is it the rat race), it’s no surprise that FLP should come up with such an exceptional product.  FAB is fabulosity in a can.  It’s what you reach for when you want ‘clean’, ‘sustainable’ energy. 


FAB is what you drink when you need to get into the state of mind that says confidence and style have kissed, energy and passion have met.  FAB is the energy drink that helps you channel the energies of your inner and outer beauty.

FAB delivers verve without incorporating the famed culprit ‘caffeine’.   Check out this quote from Forever Living Products – ‘FAB’s “boost” is different from other energy drinks because it gives you both immediate and long-term energy. The immediate boost comes from guarana, a natural ingredient that is very popular in Brazil, while the long-term energy is powered by ADX7 technology: a proprietary blend of adaptogenic herbs and other nutritionals developed by a leading Russian sports scientist and researcher. ADX7 has helped Russian track and field athletes win over 130 medals in Olympic competition!


FAB is a quick, refreshing way to stay energized and alert all day long. And it revitalizes you so you have the endurance and concentration to do all the things you have to do, plus the things you want to do.  Guarana provides a natural boost powered by a proprietary blend of adaptogenic herbs’.

So what you gon’ do? Wait till the rat race drains you out or reach for a can of FAB?


Talk to me

I care about style, and about your lifestyle.  What’s more?, I want to share all my keys to fabulousity with you.  For more info on how to get your fabulosity on, please contact Tolulope on +234 8023 655728 or Adedayo on +234 7030 281898 or tweet at @latendenzalagos

[1] This article is not an advert or approved document of Forever Living Products.  It is a reflection of my thoughts and opinion on FAB.

HP Envy Music Festival – what to wear

Geek is chic! And if by now you’re not sure you’ve gotta ask Angela Ahrendts ex CEO of Burberry why she moved over to Apple. Better still, you would beg @gbemioo to give you a ticket to the much raved about HP Envy music festival. Lol!

Topping my list of things trending now is the integration of various aspects of life – business, technology, industry with fashion, style, music. Makes life more meaningful. The Hp Envy event is strictly by invitation on 18 October, 2013 so you know it’s not the time to be sloppy. Loads of artistes from @iamniyola to @iceprincezamani are showing up there. Whachu gon’ do?

I figure that a lot of guys will turn up looking like Bez, the glasses and all. Others will just be laid back daper like Tu Face but the girls???

1. Hair: I like to work with themes, you know? It makes dressing up or down much easier. For this event, I’m favouring the bun (that’s refusing to go outta fashion) either piled high or just a bit low. I’m also thinking ponytail or even pigtails. Trust me, pigtails make you look younger and more geek chic than ponytails. Of course, if you wear short hair a lightly tussled hair-do is perfect.

2. Accessories: For my geek-chic look, I’d do without my earrings or wear studs but I will compensate with stacking bracelets, charm beads, my wristwatch OR a neckpiece and some bracelets. Depending on what I’m wearing I would hold a clutch or carry a messenger bag.

3. Clothes: Depending on what you’re going to do – party like a rockstar only or network and party, I’m favouring shift dresses, jumpsuits, denim looks, shorts, peg pants, skirts, tartan/plaid (which is trending now). My ideal look will be buttoned up denim shirt plus a floral pleated skirt, slippers (not flip-flops o!) and a messenger bag. I expect to see high tops, sneaker wedges, the whole range of quirky fashion.

4. Makeup: This should by no means be loud so I’m favouring the ONE only principle that is only one bold colour on your face be it lips, cheeks, eyes. Just one pop of colour. Though I will permit falsies *chuckles*

I didn’t put any pictures in here but you would get all the inspiration you need in my Looks I love tab. Need I say your babeliness game is incomplete if you’ve got hygiene all wrong? Don’t forget to freshen up, chew a piece of gum or whatever else you know to do.

Let’s have fun tomorrow! For more detz, you can tweet at @gbemioo #hpenvymusicfestival #imadumpcoachella

What to wear to Sisters with Soul and Smooth FM’s Luxury Concert

Oh no!!! It’s not too late for me to help you with Sisters with Soul, really it isn’t. I’ve been off the radar so I couldn’t get this in. So I’ma make it quick. I’m instantly thinking of plaid, hound’stooth, metallics, weaves, pixie cut, falsies, bold colours, feminine, flirty, comfy, and the pretty Ankara prints….Let’s get specific.

1. Hair: This evening, you need the most glamorous do ever. From your straight sleek weaves to the wavy ones or to the baddest cut ever. You should ensure that your hair works for this event. Feminine and sexy

2. Clothes: My ideal look tonight is not the over flogged evening gown, nossirr!!!!!!! I’d be rocking a jumpsuit. If you would love to do a dress, think short (not extra short), flared, pleated or perhaps a bandage dress if you’ve got the body for it. You can also do a romper, high waisted pants. Think glam, be glam!

3. Accessories: There is no better event than this to wear those really bold statement neckpieces you’ve hidden away for so long. It doesn’t matter if it’s plastic or gold-plated, you should consider wearing a neckpiece. But note that this should work with and not against your outfit. Think bangles, rings and don’t forget your wristwatch.

4. Shoes: This is the time to really channel your inner diva, really. Pumps, booties, peep-toes even gladiators would work depending on your outfit. The key for shoes is comfy, really.

5. Bag: Depending on what you’re wearing, the ideal bag might be a clutch but make it an oversized clutch. A messenger bag, crossbody bag or tote should work. Let your clothes dictate. Do not forget hygiene and confidence: Everything you do in steps 1-3 above will just go to the dustbin if you don’t have your babeliness game on (Proper hygiene and a healthy dose of confidence).

6. Don’t forget to get your makeup, pedicure and manicure done. And like I always say, babeliness begins with cleanliness.

I love Mary J Blige and always will. I also love all the babes sharing the stage tonight. Special love to Niyola. Whatever it is, please tag your pictures with latendenzalagos and let me see what you’re wearing.

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The journey to babeliness – Step 4 (you have arrived!)

Nether regions

The age we’re in makes it possible for us to discuss this unabashedly (which is such a good thing).  Without thinking that the references to the female genitalia in today’s music are the only thing that can get the V queendom attention, I am writing a few tips for babes.

Beyond sexy lingerie, lacy pants and racy knickers, the state of V is very important.  I can’t overemphasize that.  I’ve been privy to some conversations with guys that left me quite uncomfortable and slightly embarrassed.  I mean who wants to be around when guys are thrashing a girl for smelly V.  Excuse my Latin

Does this mean that a babe can never fall victim?  Certainly not, but a babe will never be the one who constantly has an unpleasant V queendom. And while there are many causes for an unpleasant V queendom, a lack of hygiene is the main culprit. Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ta dah…La tendenza to the rescue

1. Stay clean:  At the risk of stating the obvious, this is my very first step and it stands to reason.  Remember, babeliness begins with…cleanliness.  The mere fact that some women have not connected with their V makes it impossible for them to take care of it or her.  What to do? 

Wash and rinse well: While some peeps have cast vaginal wash to the abyss, I am a stickler for the use of vaginal wash and I swear by Lactacyd vaginal wash.  However, babes must note the following:

– Never use scented, perfumed or fragranced vaginal wash. 

–  Never stick the product inside your V, the wash is for external use only. 

–  Never use a vaginal wash when you have an infection.

–  Never confuse a vaginal wash with a douche.  Always follow the instructions on the pack.  If in doubt, stick to warm water and a wash cloth (or unscented baby wipes – I love Huggies).

2. Take the hair out – Shave or trim: In the same way you need to shave your underarms to avoid trapping sweat between hairs, you need to shave or trim your pubic hairs.  I know, I know.  It’s not the easiest task.  And I have certainly suffered bumps from using a stick, burns from using cream which brings me to trimming with a pair of scissors.  However, waxing trumps them all.  You get the cleanest, most long-lasting shave with waxing.  Err…no pain, no gain.

3. Let the air in: Nothing causes dampness and smell more than a lack of air.  Remember what we do – wear panties (with panty liners, I hope), wear body shapers, wear chemise, wear trousers or skirt.  More than half the time, we have our V queendom totally covered.  We need to aerate more often.

4. Stay healthy: Before delving into good eating habits for a happy V, I’m gonna start with clear off all infections by getting proper treatment.  Never neglect an itch (not that other itch) or a smell and make sure you do the things that keep you free from infections.  Eat more yoghurt, drink more water, eat more fruits and take less sugar.

5. Good habit help: Wear cotton pants, they may not be the sexiest but they sure are the healthiest.  Keep lace, silk, satin and all for date nights.  And if you ever have a sexergency, the guy would probably be too distracted to notice you’re wearing cotton not lace.  Wear panty liners to keep your secretions from your panties and clothes.  Change your tampons and sanitary pads more often.  And don’t forget to see your gynae.

Legs and feet

If they didn’t mean a thing, we won’t have the phrase ‘Put your best foot forward’. And rightly so!.  Beyond guys who have a foot fetish and babes who’d love to model for Christian Louboutin, great legs and feet are a must for any babe.  What to do?

1. Cream it: I get really upset when I see girls with white patches or scratches on their legs or feet.  I can’t understand why these parts of our body should be neglected.  It doesn’t matter if you are wearing the most expensive pair of shoes, dry legs and feet take the shine off even the most sparkly shoes.  Always apply cream to your legs and feet (use foot cream if you get sweaty feet).  I am tempted to speak authoritatively about leg hair but I’m just gonna keep it at my opinion – if you’ve got hairy legs, you’ve got no business keeping them.  Shave them off!

2. Pedicure is it: That’s all I can say.

Now that we’ve gone through the steps, I‘m gonna summarise the journey so that you can babe up in a day.

-Hair: Clean, treat, eat right & dump the synthetic weaves for human hair extensions.

-Face & Neck: Clean, hydrate, eat right and do facials

-Hands, arms & torso:  HANDS-clean, moisturize, polish (or not) & get a manicure

ARMS-clean, hair-free &use deodorant

TORSO: keep tight

-Nether region, legs & feet: NETHER REGION-clean, air, freshen, eat right & shave (or trim)

LEGS & FEET-clean, shave (or not), moisturized & get a pedicure

You’ve got it, babe!

To be normal again – High street fashion

I love my celebrities, really I do. They sorta inspire me in a funny way and in no small measure, so I don’t want anyone thinking I’m a hater. My love for them is greater when they have a story, like Tyra Banks, Kimora Lee Simmons, Oprah, Princess Diana… After reading about Princess D’s desire for a normal life. I am again reminded that at the end of the day, we all want the same thing, celebs and fans alike.

That’s why I am holding on to this moment in time in my life even as I press toward achieving the goals Ive set for me. I don’t want to ever lose sight of normalcy and that’s why after the red carpet and paps, the premieres and product launches, the ads and the fads, we just wanna kick back in denim, go to the movies or go shopping.

These beauties from Mango help you to be normal again (without giving up on style, fashion, instaglam and instachic).


For instaglam, wear a jumpsuit

It’s pretty obvious that there’s a huge difference between trendy chic and fashion victim. Between elegance doesn’t mean wearing new clothes and the innate nature of style, there’s space for instaglam.

One of the fashtems that’s refusing to go out of fashion is the jumpsuit. Find the best style for your body shape, best colour for your skin, best pattern and fabric for the season and you’re good to go with the perfect footwear and accessories for the occassion.

In my usual high street vs designer mode, i have found these beauties from Mango and I still insist that high street makes instachic any day, any time.