la tendenza’s  is one of many achievements of Toluwa Kay-Ogundipe – wife, entrepreneur, fashion advisor and image consultant…  I love those titles. 

Given my real disgust at the number of (apparent) no-content blogs PLUS my laziness to exploit my writing abilities, it may come as a surprise to those who know me that I am here, finally!  When Sope (my girl) first mentioned to me in 2011 that I should have a blog dedicated to the issues I care about in service to the people I love, I declined.

Now, la tendenza’s  is here to serve you in achieving the stylish you without drilling a hole in your pockets.  Committed to providing you with insightful articles, practical tips, our fashion finds (mainly amazing deals on high street and designer bags and accessories) and more,  we would like to have comments and suggestions from you.

The following pages also form categories for our posts:

Articles: Posts that are at the heart of la tendenza’s mission to serve you.

Get tips-y: Daily practical tips.

Home: Mission statement.

Musings:  Previous Facebook notes and my other attempts at writing.

Top of the day: Our daily item feature.

Please let’s hold your hands as we go on this interesting journey to discover and uncover the stylish you.

With love


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