cheap chic is chic!

It’s not just because I work as a tax accountant or that the economy in which I live is characterized by ‘austerity’ or that there’s recession in places I’m interested in. It’s just that I’ve never been able to wrap my head round paying more for anything when I can get the same effect for less. Of course there’s that occasion when I decide to spoil myself or reward myself because I’ve worked so hard (and who’s to say I shouldn’t enjoy).  But on the regular, I will always take affordable over expensive (blame it on my middle class background!).

What’s she on about? Can you guess? It’s drugstore makeup I’m getting into. See, I love makeup and I love to play with makeup but I can get tired easily and may just toss anything that bores me plus I’m an advertiser’s darling I love to try new things that come along (when I can).

In this post, I’m gonna take you through my journey using my top drugstore makeup brands. When I started using makeup I loved me my Sleek pressed powder.  And being the freak that I am I used everything Sleek for a long time even hair. Sleek hair was my deal when I hadn’t jumped on the Brazilian hair train. The powder felt light and had good coverage and as you’d expect was quite affordable. I also used the eye shadows (which I still love because the colours are beautiful and highly pigmented), the lip stain (pink Cadillac) and mascara.  Then Zaron came to Nigeria and I moved to Zaron but soon went back to Sleek because my skin revolted but Zaron hair is grrrreat.  Totally love it.

images ws

After that I decided I was tired of using Sleek and then I quickly moved to the Maybelline Clear Smooth All in One powder (Cacao) as soon as that was introduced into the Nigerian market because it was new in and I love a product that does everything. It really looked awesome on my skin and a little was just fine for me. Again the powder feels light on the skin.


Then I decided that I’d explore just a bit more and made a list of other brands to try. Right now, I’ve used the LA girl Pro Conceal (as my foundation) which I totally love because it feels so light and I don’t feel like I’m wearing anything. It’s really and truly oil-free and water based.  Like, if you don’t squeeze the tube and press it through to mix before you open it, you’d actually squirt out water (which is about half of the product).

IMG_20150728_092212 (2)

But I am totally sold on Milani and wonder why I didn’t think of using this brand earlier.  I use many things Milani now (they don’t make hair and I still love my Sleek eye shadows). I use the foundation which is oil-free and just feels awesome, good coverage with a little product and I have worn it alone a few times.  I also wear the pressed powder, use the baked blush and tantastic bronzer too. And fill out my brows with the mechanical pencil.


For the first time in years, I’ve got a product that does justice to my actual skin tone and colour! Yayyy!!!!!!!!!!!! But I will be trying out Revlon, L’Oreal and Rimmel in the coming months. And since I can’t readily fine Physician’s Formula here, I guess I’d put that on hold till I go on vacation. Till then, I am rooting for Milani powder and foundation as my best drugstore makeup for staying on top of my cheap chic game. Yah!


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