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Zara Bag- Sale

If you’re in Lagos, Nigeria. You can get this bag and many others from la tendenza lagos. Holler!

Chlöe Haynes

Couldn’t resist this beautiful bag from Zara, I wear an awful lot of black clothing- so i like to have bright coloured bags to give myself a little bit of colour now and again. Here’s some of the photographs from the website; IMG_0318^ If you’re interested in this bag, it has just gone down in price again to £19.99 ! which is annoying when i just bought it at £25.99 😲😥
8046304070_2_3_18046304070_1_1_1^It looks like it will go perfectly with alot of my clothes! I’m so excited- i shall photograph this beauty when it comes 🙆


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Finding The Right Tops!

5 bag brands to swap in 2015

So I did 5 bags every babe should have both here and my BBM channel (la tendenza lagos) and all of you asked for more. Thanks a million for making me do this. 🙂

It’s a new year and the first thing that crosses my mind is FRESHNESS. To make a fresh start on your bag style, you need to shift focus from the “usual suspects”. Like I always say “stand out, don’t blend in!”. This isn’t to say you trash your old bags, after all …one is silver and the other’s gold. And I’ve got nothing against the brands to swap, I stock ’em, I own some of ’em and I love every good bag.

1. Move from ZARA to Charles and Keith: This is one of the most advocated moves for me given that Zara bags are so good they are all over the place. Just like Zara, Charles and Keith bags make you look expensive and what’s more they aren’t all over.
2. Stand back MICHAEL KORS, here come KATE SPADE and TORY BURCH: I feel like they are contemporaries but quite frankly, I’m not sure about that anymore. What I do know is Kate Spade and Tory Burch give the same opportunity as Michael Kors – the opportunity to own a designer bag without slitting your throat.
3. Go from COACH to DKNY: They both love the grapheme art and rightly so too. However, I’m looking to do something different.

4. Life should be sweet with DOLCE & GABBANA but sweeter with BRAHMIN: Now Brahmin bags are the truth when it comes to quality bags. The shapes and colours are just great. Perhaps you should join me in my resolution to own a Brahmin bag this year.

5. The devil wears PRADA, angels should wear BALENCIAGA and BOTTEGA VENETTA: What’s absolutely true? Balenciaga and Bottega Veneta bags are the truth when it comes to elitist fashion. Need I say more?