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My take on bags

Those who knew me in college would be surprised at my obsession with hand bags (and those who didn’t….errrrr, anyway) I mean, isn’t it odd that someone who wanted to carry backpacks everywhere and reject the lady-ness of carrying bags is now a bag lover and bag seller.

So you’d understand why I’d write this post. What’s in a bag anyway? It’s the one accessory that almost every woman owns and probably uses everyday. And no matter what your social standing is, there is a bag for everyone. As your dream of owning a Balenciaga or Bottega Venetta bag draws close (lol at myself) and the reality of your cash-strappedness appears more vivid (yep, that’s me too) you can still look glamorous on high-street alternatives (yayyyyy).

Here’s how:

Express yourself: You may not be a hand bag person but there is no denying that babes can’t live without some sort of bag to carry your stuff. If style is the way you interpret fashion then wearing a bag is one way to express yourself and channel your inner diva. For instance, you’d probably choose a structured bag to show you’re put together. For a more laidback look, youd be doing a slouchy bag or a crossbody bag.

Make it versatile: Most babes can’t really afford to have different bags for each of the different outfits they’d ever wear. But you won’t want to wear just one bag for every outfit either. What to do? Invest in classic shapes and colours that would work with the outfits in your wardrobe. Black, brown, navy blue, some metallics and a pop of your favourite colour to jazz things up.

Choose wisely: In terms of the shape and size of your bag. You need to make sure your bag size is relative to your body size. Like if you’re petite, a huge oversized bag will drown you and if you’re tall or broad a very small bag will look strange. You’ve gotta also choose your fabric wisely, if you can afford an exotic skin or patent leather then that’s fine. If not your bag should be of decent quality in leather. You can pick up leather bags on the high street for an affordable price. (Ask us at Latendenza Lagos, we know how).

And when your bag has had it’s day don’t cling to it. If it’s got holes in it or the leather is worn then it’s time for a new one.

Remember your bags are an important part of the statement youre making and can have a huge impact on your overall appearance. It makes all the difference so you shouldnt neglect your bag as it can result in a bag that ages or worse, cheapens your look.