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The world world we live in

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Your Own


I woke up this morning and as I sat drinking my coffee I picked up my phone and opened my Instagram account.  Scrolling down I noticed that someone had posted a picture of PORTER magazines first issue by online fashion shop net-a-porter.  Initially I thought ‘Wow, look how gorgeous Brigitte Bardot was in her younger years’.  I then began reading the description beneath and saw that in actual fact it was Rachel Zoe.  I heard myself gasp and immediately thought ‘Oh my goodness, look at how much they have photo shopped her face’.  I know she is an attractive women but I also know she looks far from the picture that was staring back at me.  I went from feeling shocked to feeling angry. ‘This is so wrong’ I said to myself. What image is this sending to the millions of people around the world. All day I thought about…

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