Soul in the Sky


~Confessions of a Second Life Shopaholic~




While taking photos of this dress I had a random person walk up and say “I feel like I have just climbed so many stairs, and walked this long path, to find the beautiful queen in a dream.” Who doesn’t like to hear compliments like that, right? lol  This is a gown from Carrie’s Holiday Collection that I feel is just whimsical with the skirt and the fabric falling from the gloves, and just.. stunning. It’s probably because I’ve been watching a lot of Merlin lately, but when I put it on I just kept thinking “queen”, so I wore this with a tiara and other pieces of jewelry from a Lazuri set that can be changed from platinum to gold, bling and bright on/off, the stones change colors, and there’s three options for the diamonds.This isn’t just an enchanting gown though! It comes with some sexy lingerie! The…

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