GTbank-LFDW 2013 is here! What to wear…

So like me you are a lover of fashion but couldn’t get a spot at all the fashion week events held in Paris, Milan and New York? Don’t even break a sweat! The whole world knows that Africa is the place to be for everything from business to fashion (you’ve noticed that many designers use African print, haven’t you?) and that’s why GTBank is bringing the Lagos Fashion and Design Week from 23- 26 October, 2013.

Yayyyyyyyy!!!!!!! Im practically going insane here and you must understand why. Anyway, my focus today is … What to wear to… I plan to make this a more regular entry when there’s an interesting event in the works.

The key for any fashion week is to not be a fashion victim. Don’t throw so many things together in the name of avant-garde fashion only to end up looking like a clown. Trust me, that’s the last thing you want. And you have to remember that not all runway looks will work ‘offway’. So what am I proposing? Here are my hip tips to represent yourself at fashion week.

1. Trends: A lot of things are trending this quarter and others have been trending all year long. So pick 2 (workable) trends and combine with one classic trend and a staple item. For instance, combine a tartan/plaid skirt/pants with a white shirt, nude shoes and statement neckpiece. In place of plaid, you can do anything from floral print, animal print to houndstooth or chevron prints. What this tip does is make you safely fashionable but if you’re in doubt, wear a jumpsuit. You can view my post on Jumpsuits.

2. Hair: The classic hair-do I favour is a long wavy weave. If you are like me, you’d have cashed in on Mide’s mane’s independence day promo or sallah promo. However, fashion isn’t always about being safe. You’ve gotta take risks sometimes, so I’d be favouring a pixie cut (think Annne Hathaway, Toni Braxton, Halle Berry or Niyola (brief spell)) even though it’s been ages since I wore short hair. Remember that the hair-do has to match the outfit. You can even do dreads or braids or cornrows with your African print outfits.

3. Theme: I strongly believe that understanding the theme of an event is key to dressing well for it. So I ask myself what do GTBank, Fashion and design stand for? What do they represent? Think youthfulness, being bold, standing out, pacesetting. These should guide your outfit choices.

4. Be real: After the saga of some babes flaunting fake Chanel Lego bags, I’m sure a lot of peeps have realized ‘You can best be you, you can best be real’ if your bag isn’t real Hermes or Balenciaga, just go with the ankara piece you love so much, or your Zara, Topshop or whatever else. Remember fashion isn’t all about designers and a truly fashionable or stylish babe knows just how to combine high street and designer items. Trust me,Fashion is an expression of your reality amd style is…..

I’m not really a pictures person but I do try, so I’m bringing this picture of one of my idols – Omoyemi Akerele and Ono Bello whose site I got the pictures.




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