Phillip Lim’s Target

I can hear you thinking bull’s-eye?  But I’m actually referring to Phillip Lim’s much talked about and greatly loved bag collection for Target!

Even though there was absolutely no way for me to be in the store when it opened, I did feel the same sense of excitement and elation when the news broke.  In my world of designer vs. high street fashion, it’s the only question on my mind.  And when De Divah Deals requested that I repost Duro Olowu + JC Penney on Facebook, I knew there’s something right about my world.

What makes designers collaborate with high street?

If you’d never heard of Phillip Lim before, you sure know him now (and I’m speaking to myself mainly).  And it’s pretty much the same way that a lot of career women (middle-class) find themselves stocking Michael Kors, Marc Jacobs, Tory Burch accessories (in Lagos, Nigeria, at least) instead of Prada, Louis Vuitton, Balenciaga…Please do not get me wrong,  I totally love Louis Vuitton, Prada, Balenciaga and all they represent (the snag is I can’t ALWAYS afford ’em) and I’m by no means saying that MK and Marc have high street collabos (or not) but they have certainly made themselves available to people like us (whose limit for designer items is below $200).  And that’s precisely why Phillip Lim would do something for Target – to make himself available to us.

In this day and age when designers appear to exist only for the elite and our beloved celebs, Phillip’s move is absolutely on point.  Not to come across as desperate (after all, it’s my money I’d spend), I would love to see designers (not celebrities) make an attempt to broaden their reach from haute couture and make more prêt-a- porter and affordable items (since they’ve made Prive, Atelier and other exclusives).  It’s absolutely possible!



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