What to wear to Glo Evergreen series with Ebenezer Obey

Whatever you do, please don’t go all green.  I mean it.  ‘Evergreen’ doesn’t mean you are expected to wear green, and if after this I catch you wearing ALL green I will be extremely upset! *smiles*

Okay, let’s get to it.  This is really one of the easiest events to get ready for ‘cause Ebenezer Obey represents that part of the ‘70s & ‘80s that our parents and all lovers of old school don’t wanna let go. Hence the term ‘evergreen’.  So what am I on about?  To prepare for this event, it would make a lot of sense to channel the ‘70s and ‘80s as well as any other vintage look.

I’m instantly thinking of ‘fros, bootleg pants, lace, velvet, colours, florals, prints, clogs, mules, Ankara….Let’s get specific.

  1. Hair: Dump the long weave and go for a ‘fro, braids, corn-rows, a bun or any hairstyle that screams vintage. This is a themed look and you have to go all the way.  Now that we’ve all decided to go natchy, it shouldn’t be difficult to get an afro or use a wig.   But remember, Ebenezer Obey isn’t a hippie so you don’t wanna go all out with bright-coloured hair.
  2. Clothes: My ideal look is something out of the ‘Ole ku’ video or perhaps I should reference the more recent collabo that Tu Face has with Victor Olaiya.  It would be interesting to go all out and use aso-oke instead of Ankara but I do not know how far I am willing to go J  Other things I’d recommend (which are probably in your wardrobe, anyway) are tee-shirt /blouse + lace skirt, lace dress, jumpsuits with bell/flared bottoms, short flared skirts, bell-bottom pants + statement blouse, maxi dresses.  Think polka dots, florals, prints… think bright and colourful.  Did you know the military style look is more vintage than we care to admit?
  3. Accessories: There is no better event than this to wear those really bold statement neckpieces you’ve hidden away for so long.  It doesn’t matter if it’s plastic or gold-plated, you should consider wearing a neckpiece.  But note that this should work with and not against your outfit.  Think bangles, rings and don’t forget your wristwatch.
  4. Shoes: This is the time to really channel your inner diva, really.  Clogs, mules, slip-ons, strappy sandals, gladiator sandals.  I really won’t wear pumps (peep toes perhaps) but style is about you.
  5. Bag: Depending on what you’re wearing, the ideal bag might be a clutch but make it an oversized clutch.  A messenger bag, crossbody bag or tote should work.  Let your clothes dictate.  Do not forget hygiene and confidence: Everything you do in steps 1-3 above will just go to the dustbin if you don’t have your babeliness game on (Proper hygiene and a healthy dose of confidence).
  6. Don’t forget to get your makeup, pedicure and manicure done.  And like I always say, babeliness begins with cleanliness. 

2376420-p-LARGE_SEARCH 2446535-p-LARGE_SEARCH Oleku-300x294 SAM_1505 Tote-by-bola-obileye Tote-by-bola-obileye-2

I love Ebenezer Obey to bits and I really want to get an invite to this event.  Whatever it is, please tag your pictures with latendenzalagos and let me see what you’re wearing. 

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Pictures are not mine. Thanks


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