Running Essentials


This is Mandy Ho

Running Essentials

I’ve been working out routinely lately.  And weekend is my running day with my loved one.  Usually I run on sunday during car free day. You know it’s kinda hard to find safe place to run in Jakarta, and car free day is like heaven for me 🙂

well…as a woman, of course I still want to look good even when working out. So workout fashion & makeup (skin care) is  a must! These are some of my “must have/must bring” when you’re doing some running, walking or jogging.

1. Sports Bra  

oh yes! Ladies, please invest in a good sports bra. You want your boobies stay comfort during your workout session right? A good sports bra is a must

2. Cute Tanks/Shirt  

well…I don’t have to say anything about this. Who doesn’t want to look cute and yet fierce in a cute sport…

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