The psychology of style

Mind over matter, mind is what matters, mind doesn’t matter, mind is the matter… as I run through the different (crazy) combinations of the phrase ‘Mind over matter’, I can’t help but run over different combinations before deciding what to wear.  While some start the day trying out different looks others have it all lined up for a week.

It’s sorta funny and you don’t realize it unless you think about it, our style is influenced by who or what we are.  At least, it should be (ultimately).  I believe that style is your interpretation of fashion.  Yup!!  It’s personal.  And whether you’ve been influenced by culture, trends religion, celebrities or whatever else, style is intricately linked to your person.

This simple fact is probably responsible for the success or failures of styling projects because styling should be about the ‘styled’ not the ‘stylist’.  And to dig in, we can begin with a barrage of questions like why do most workers choose structured bags?  Why do we like certain colours or perhaps no colour? How do we choose the type of clothes we buy, or the fabric or material?  Why do certain celebrities appeal to us and others don’t?  Why choose citrusy perfumes over fresh or woody scents?  If style is not about me, then who is it about? The list of questions is endless and so are the answers.

I do not claim to have the answers to all these questions, but we can agree that perhaps our jobs, current status etc affect what we wear but it’s our personality that dictates the way we dress.  As someone who loves to alignment and coming across as organized, it’s no surprise that I would take a structured bag over a slouchy one or wear clothes and that fit my frame (not tight clothes).  Beyond celebrity inspirations for dressing is styling – dressing to suit your body shape, colour and personality.  This should form the basis for your shopping trips and we can use the following tips: 

  • Find out who you are.  This may sound clichéd but it’s a good place to start.  Answers will come easily by analyzing the trend of what you are attracted to or what appeals to you.  It may be difficult to actually go on a voyage of different styles throughout this generation but the designers, magazines and celebrities do a good job of showcasing styles.
  • Understand that fashion and style are not the same (nor can be)Yves Saint Laurent said fashions fade, style is eternal.  This couldn’t be more apt, trust me.  And once you understand that the distinction, then you will always be able to manage trends.  One secret I found from studying fashion trends (a bit) is that it’s cyclical.  Such that for the most part, trends are repeated every 10-20 years.  Just my secret for trend-setting and being stylish.  Plus I found this just for you: Value of style
  • Ask yourself what you’d like to achieve with the way you dress (what’s that thing about dressing how you want to be addressed).
  • Invest in timeless pieces.  It doesn’t matter if you’re on a budget or not.  It’s best to invest in basics that can never go out of fashion and still always complement your style.  Things in solid or neutral colours and the like.
  • Understand that your style is expected to evolve as you go through different phases of your life.  If it’s not evolving, then something might be wrong.  You may be stuck in some phase of your life or having issues in some areas.  That’s how deep this style thing is and if you don’t believe me just watch a few episodes of ‘How do I look?
  • Other things include finding your style inspiration and evolving (style-wise) with that person, stay true to yourself no matter what, invest in good style magazines to review looks and manage trends, check out style blogs and seek advice.

I leave you with my new mantra from Kimora Lee SimmonsDress like you might run into your worst enemy.

You go!!! It all begins and ends in the mind.


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