For instaglam, wear a jumpsuit

It’s pretty obvious that there’s a huge difference between trendy chic and fashion victim. Between elegance doesn’t mean wearing new clothes and the innate nature of style, there’s space for instaglam.

One of the fashtems that’s refusing to go out of fashion is the jumpsuit. Find the best style for your body shape, best colour for your skin, best pattern and fabric for the season and you’re good to go with the perfect footwear and accessories for the occassion.

In my usual high street vs designer mode, i have found these beauties from Mango and I still insist that high street makes instachic any day, any time.



2 thoughts on “For instaglam, wear a jumpsuit

    • Hey! Certainly,you’re spot on. It’s good to find someone who shares my love for the same high street brands – love Zara, Mango, Asos and Next. 😊 I will check out your blog pronto

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