Amazing August – La tendenza Lagos’ loyalty reward system

There’s something about August and I just found out. 🙂  It seems to be the coolest month of the year.  In Nigeria, we witness the August break (when the rains don’t fall (as much)) and that’s why we are bringing you something special this month.

Some of you lovelies already know what our loyalty reward scheme is about but this month there is a twist.  Our loyal buyers stand the chance to win a free bag when they buy a bag and other buyers stand a chance when they qualify.  See our post on the loyalty reward system

Now, if I were you I would hurry! ’cause orders are coming in and the stock of the main promo bag (Atmosphere Saffiano – nude shown but available in Black and Blue) is going down.

 The promo is valid till end of August and we have included other promo items to make up for reduced stock of the Saffiano bag.  It’s Amazing August sweetie, what more can I say.

 Remember, the promo is exclusive of the freebies on purchase which you get at La tendenza Lagos.  Yayyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Who else gives so much love?

 Your loyalty status is valid for a year and we encourage you to keep your purchases up since there are other levels and juicier freebies.

 Atmosphere tote Bowling bag Primark makeup purse Primark Travel tote Pink crossbody Primark shopper Primark Beach tote Primark Mustard White quilt


So hurry, you don’t wanna miss out on all this love.




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