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It’s your love (that keeps me going)

It’s not for lack of anything else to write that I’m doing this (posting pictures of me being unserious), it’s just that I’m pretty overwhelmed by the love you show me and the support you give me. I could never be anything else but me so I’d best be me. Lover of fashion, style, life, success…

You inspire me and make me keep believing that I can do it, be anything I wanna be, do anything I set my mind to. You read my posts, you follow my blog, you like my pictures, you shop at my store, you diss me, you make me better.

It’s your love that keeps me going and for this I am deeply grateful. So I’m sending you a kiss and amother and my funny faces.




Style Guide: How to Wear Your Summer Clothes For Fall

Get the bag from @latendenzalagos. In stock now. 🙂

Eat.Shop.Live. NYC

It may still be summer in our hearts but fall is on its’ way.  If you’re having a hard time letting go of your summer favorites guess what?  You don’t have to!  Florals may be a popular print for the summer but this doesn’t mean you have to retire the trend until March.  Jazz them up for the chillier months with great fall fashion staples: boots, jackets, scarves, and more boots!   Need a tip for bringing some edge to this feminine style?  Just add a moto jacket, sexy heeled booties, or contrasting prints.  You’ll be sure to stand out and turn heads.

Style Guide - Summer to fall1. Zara – Checked Scarf

2. Michael Kors – Jet Set Saffiano Tote

3. Top Shop – Autumn Floral Dress

4. Kenneth Jay Lane – Textured Toggle Bracelet 

5. Mango – Peccary Bike Jacket 

6. Vince Camuto – Elvin Burgandy Bootie

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I love blue! And there’s a similar bag by Zara available @latendenzalagos

Luxury Simplicity

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The psychology of style

Mind over matter, mind is what matters, mind doesn’t matter, mind is the matter… as I run through the different (crazy) combinations of the phrase ‘Mind over matter’, I can’t help but run over different combinations before deciding what to wear.  While some start the day trying out different looks others have it all lined up for a week.

It’s sorta funny and you don’t realize it unless you think about it, our style is influenced by who or what we are.  At least, it should be (ultimately).  I believe that style is your interpretation of fashion.  Yup!!  It’s personal.  And whether you’ve been influenced by culture, trends religion, celebrities or whatever else, style is intricately linked to your person.

This simple fact is probably responsible for the success or failures of styling projects because styling should be about the ‘styled’ not the ‘stylist’.  And to dig in, we can begin with a barrage of questions like why do most workers choose structured bags?  Why do we like certain colours or perhaps no colour? How do we choose the type of clothes we buy, or the fabric or material?  Why do certain celebrities appeal to us and others don’t?  Why choose citrusy perfumes over fresh or woody scents?  If style is not about me, then who is it about? The list of questions is endless and so are the answers.

I do not claim to have the answers to all these questions, but we can agree that perhaps our jobs, current status etc affect what we wear but it’s our personality that dictates the way we dress.  As someone who loves to alignment and coming across as organized, it’s no surprise that I would take a structured bag over a slouchy one or wear clothes and that fit my frame (not tight clothes).  Beyond celebrity inspirations for dressing is styling – dressing to suit your body shape, colour and personality.  This should form the basis for your shopping trips and we can use the following tips: 

  • Find out who you are.  This may sound clichéd but it’s a good place to start.  Answers will come easily by analyzing the trend of what you are attracted to or what appeals to you.  It may be difficult to actually go on a voyage of different styles throughout this generation but the designers, magazines and celebrities do a good job of showcasing styles.
  • Understand that fashion and style are not the same (nor can be)Yves Saint Laurent said fashions fade, style is eternal.  This couldn’t be more apt, trust me.  And once you understand that the distinction, then you will always be able to manage trends.  One secret I found from studying fashion trends (a bit) is that it’s cyclical.  Such that for the most part, trends are repeated every 10-20 years.  Just my secret for trend-setting and being stylish.  Plus I found this just for you: Value of style
  • Ask yourself what you’d like to achieve with the way you dress (what’s that thing about dressing how you want to be addressed).
  • Invest in timeless pieces.  It doesn’t matter if you’re on a budget or not.  It’s best to invest in basics that can never go out of fashion and still always complement your style.  Things in solid or neutral colours and the like.
  • Understand that your style is expected to evolve as you go through different phases of your life.  If it’s not evolving, then something might be wrong.  You may be stuck in some phase of your life or having issues in some areas.  That’s how deep this style thing is and if you don’t believe me just watch a few episodes of ‘How do I look?
  • Other things include finding your style inspiration and evolving (style-wise) with that person, stay true to yourself no matter what, invest in good style magazines to review looks and manage trends, check out style blogs and seek advice.

I leave you with my new mantra from Kimora Lee SimmonsDress like you might run into your worst enemy.

You go!!! It all begins and ends in the mind.

Here’s to chic-in weekend

After the stress of a busy work-week, one of the things that cheers me up is my plan for the weekend (which may have been laid out from the previous weekend or any time during the week) And the weekend means heightened glam tempo. No point in letting my glam down when I’m kicking back and enjoying the weekend.

I think nothing glams up a look more than a blazer (and heels too) Dear friends, here’s to the chic-in’ weekend – subtle and bold blazers from Mango.

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The journey to babeliness – Step 4 (you have arrived!)

Nether regions

The age we’re in makes it possible for us to discuss this unabashedly (which is such a good thing).  Without thinking that the references to the female genitalia in today’s music are the only thing that can get the V queendom attention, I am writing a few tips for babes.

Beyond sexy lingerie, lacy pants and racy knickers, the state of V is very important.  I can’t overemphasize that.  I’ve been privy to some conversations with guys that left me quite uncomfortable and slightly embarrassed.  I mean who wants to be around when guys are thrashing a girl for smelly V.  Excuse my Latin

Does this mean that a babe can never fall victim?  Certainly not, but a babe will never be the one who constantly has an unpleasant V queendom. And while there are many causes for an unpleasant V queendom, a lack of hygiene is the main culprit. Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ta dah…La tendenza to the rescue

1. Stay clean:  At the risk of stating the obvious, this is my very first step and it stands to reason.  Remember, babeliness begins with…cleanliness.  The mere fact that some women have not connected with their V makes it impossible for them to take care of it or her.  What to do? 

Wash and rinse well: While some peeps have cast vaginal wash to the abyss, I am a stickler for the use of vaginal wash and I swear by Lactacyd vaginal wash.  However, babes must note the following:

– Never use scented, perfumed or fragranced vaginal wash. 

–  Never stick the product inside your V, the wash is for external use only. 

–  Never use a vaginal wash when you have an infection.

–  Never confuse a vaginal wash with a douche.  Always follow the instructions on the pack.  If in doubt, stick to warm water and a wash cloth (or unscented baby wipes – I love Huggies).

2. Take the hair out – Shave or trim: In the same way you need to shave your underarms to avoid trapping sweat between hairs, you need to shave or trim your pubic hairs.  I know, I know.  It’s not the easiest task.  And I have certainly suffered bumps from using a stick, burns from using cream which brings me to trimming with a pair of scissors.  However, waxing trumps them all.  You get the cleanest, most long-lasting shave with waxing.  Err…no pain, no gain.

3. Let the air in: Nothing causes dampness and smell more than a lack of air.  Remember what we do – wear panties (with panty liners, I hope), wear body shapers, wear chemise, wear trousers or skirt.  More than half the time, we have our V queendom totally covered.  We need to aerate more often.

4. Stay healthy: Before delving into good eating habits for a happy V, I’m gonna start with clear off all infections by getting proper treatment.  Never neglect an itch (not that other itch) or a smell and make sure you do the things that keep you free from infections.  Eat more yoghurt, drink more water, eat more fruits and take less sugar.

5. Good habit help: Wear cotton pants, they may not be the sexiest but they sure are the healthiest.  Keep lace, silk, satin and all for date nights.  And if you ever have a sexergency, the guy would probably be too distracted to notice you’re wearing cotton not lace.  Wear panty liners to keep your secretions from your panties and clothes.  Change your tampons and sanitary pads more often.  And don’t forget to see your gynae.

Legs and feet

If they didn’t mean a thing, we won’t have the phrase ‘Put your best foot forward’. And rightly so!.  Beyond guys who have a foot fetish and babes who’d love to model for Christian Louboutin, great legs and feet are a must for any babe.  What to do?

1. Cream it: I get really upset when I see girls with white patches or scratches on their legs or feet.  I can’t understand why these parts of our body should be neglected.  It doesn’t matter if you are wearing the most expensive pair of shoes, dry legs and feet take the shine off even the most sparkly shoes.  Always apply cream to your legs and feet (use foot cream if you get sweaty feet).  I am tempted to speak authoritatively about leg hair but I’m just gonna keep it at my opinion – if you’ve got hairy legs, you’ve got no business keeping them.  Shave them off!

2. Pedicure is it: That’s all I can say.

Now that we’ve gone through the steps, I‘m gonna summarise the journey so that you can babe up in a day.

-Hair: Clean, treat, eat right & dump the synthetic weaves for human hair extensions.

-Face & Neck: Clean, hydrate, eat right and do facials

-Hands, arms & torso:  HANDS-clean, moisturize, polish (or not) & get a manicure

ARMS-clean, hair-free &use deodorant

TORSO: keep tight

-Nether region, legs & feet: NETHER REGION-clean, air, freshen, eat right & shave (or trim)

LEGS & FEET-clean, shave (or not), moisturized & get a pedicure

You’ve got it, babe!