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To combine the hotness of red and the cool chic of nude is to attain instaglam. Even if you can’t get this lovely piece from Mango. You can work it by combining a red blouse with a nude skirt. Be sure to include the nude pumps for instachic or black ones for #powerdressing.


Mango is sweet


Even though some peeps say I’m a high street junkie ’cause I’m not a celebrity, i still insist that there’s something absolutely chic about high street. Today, I’m loving this ensemble from Mango and it would certainly suit my beautiful black skin.

My latest engagement – style me app

I love technology for all the things we can achieve using it. Of course, there’s the frequent misuse of technology but that doesnt take away from the beauty of its potential.

I wasnt so keen on my ipad when i first got it but eventually i came round and since then…

Now, i can comfort myself that im doing something towards achieving my dreams when i use all these apps i see.

Someday, i will style the biggest names who will buy into my dream -it’s a beautiful dream powered by style.💄👛👝👢👠👜👡💅👗