This black isn’t beautiful

I love writing but i’ve not done any serious writing in months. However, when i do get round to writing, i enjoy every bit of the opportunity to express myself.

When asked to write a poem as part of an assessment, the thoughts and words came to me at night and stayed with me till the morning.

The following poem is about crude oil and the crisis in the Niger-Delta. I hope you enjoy it.

This black isn’t beautiful by Tolulope Kay-Ogundipe. May 2013

 Black is beautiful, isn’t that what they say

I laugh to myself and say ‘this is so cliché’

As I see her heart shattered on the floor

I rush to her in shock to see what can be done

What’s spewing from her insides is black, that’s all wrong

It’s thick, It’s sticky and it’s black

This thing that’s pouring from her heart

She’s groaning but no one notices her pain

Instead they gather to dig in and dig in they do

With stealing and killing, their kitty is full

I cry out in anguish, her heart I wish to mend

We shouldn’t even be here; her heart should have been whole

It should never have been shattered, there shouldn’t be a hole

This black isn’t beautiful, this message I send

Together we can do this, this menace we can end.


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