Of Celine, Maxhope, Coach and Zara bags

It’s funny and it’s not.  ‘Cause when I first introduced the Maxhope bag to my colleague in December 2011, she sneered at me.  I loved the shape and being the high street fashion lover that I am (and considering her budget) I didn’t ask her to do Celine. 🙂

Now 2 years after, Celine bags are the rave and the shape is the shape and … I would never take anything away from the joy and value of investing in designer pieces but when…

Vintage celine

You are on a budget (like me) I always recommend high street anything.  Trust me, you will get the same feeling as long as you have a huge dose of self-esteem and are not dependent on your stuff for confidence boost!

So what am I doing, suggesting that you channel your inner celebrity on your budget and go for the Maxhope bag. 


 And if you don’t quite like this exact shape (i love love love the Celine bag), the Coach bags and the Zara bags should do just fine.


Coach Candy PastelsZara like Celine


Truth is, you can always trust la tendenza (la tendenza lagos) to hook you up with stylish pieces everytime.


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