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and when you’re young, you add a (faux) leather(ette) biker jacket to jazz up the ever chic jumpsuit

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Rachel zoe
$665 –

Quay eyewear

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When ‘designer’ meets ‘high street’

Of fashion collabos there can be no end.  And whether designer wear should be accessible to the middle class and/or  low-income earners is a moot point when designer meets high street.

I get rather sceptical when designers or celebs collabo with high street stores with a view to creating a particular line of clothing mainly because the clothes don’t seem wearable sometimes – look more like costumes but Duro Olowu + JC Penney makes a whole lot of sense.

Some of my fave pieces are below and you can check out the lookbook via

Love Love gaan Nice

The pieces – prints meet florals meet geometric designs meet monochrome – are absolutely fun and very wearable.

Do you love ’em or do you love ’em?

The journey to babeliness- Step 3 cont’d

You’ve taken it all in and gotten this far, this isn’t the time to give up.  Simple as they may seem, these steps are really vital to our collective babeliness (I am sure you agree).  Yayyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!! Still very excited and ready to go, so let’s take a brief look at Step 3b – Arms and torso.

(Under) Arms

And I won’t be talking about how you should always have your elbows moisturised and what not.  It’s the underarms I’m concerned about.  It’s almost a joke right?   But it’s not, I am serious! No one should keep underarm hair that’s long enough for dreadlocks. It’s just gross!  Okay, I’m gonna settle down and take it easy ’cause I appear to be in a rage.

One of the cardinal rules for babes is the care of the underarm (hairs).  Not as a matter of vanity but as a matter of health and the security of others (why would anyone choose to be a walking stink bomb?).  It may just be that the number one cause of severe body odour is sweat and dirt trapped in underarm hairs.  No amount of Sure deodorant spray or Nivea stick would seem to work.  Even after trying a concoction of alum, potash, lime and lemon and even vinegar, lol! Nothing has happened. 

‘pit tips

Shaving: Whether you go with using shaving sticks (or electric razors) or depilatory creams like Veet or Nair ( I personally prefer Nair), shaving is one of the age-old ways of caring for the underarms.  However, you would have to create and stick to a shaving regimen since shaving doesn’t remove the hairs from the root.  If you use shaving sticks or electric razors, please clean them after use and replace them regularly.  When using creams or powders, do follow the instructions for use so that you don’t suffer skin burns or injuries. For more on shaving check out

 – Waxing: Waxing is a more effective method than shaving as the hairs are removed from the root.  As a result, regrowth takes longer than in shaving methods.  Sugaring (sugar waxing) is traced to Persia (ancient Middle East) and doesn’t seem to be so common in Nigeria but most spas offer the conventional waxing methods.  I must say that your first experience will be painful and depending on what your pain threshold is, you may be uncomfortable.  Not to worry, you will get used to it soon.  Do be sure to get it done by professionals and follow whatever ‘after-wax’ instructions you are given.  More info?,

 – Others: The methods above are temporary measures certainly.  More permanent measures include laser removal, intense pulsed light removal and the like.  I won’t be discussing these here but you can get more info from

I strongly recommend that you invest in a suitable antiperspirant or deodorant to keep sweat at bay as much as possible (no one likes the sweat patch).  Though I have heard people say that the use of antiperspirants should be discouraged, I keep using ’em and deeply love Lady Speed Stick by Colgate  which I have sorta settled for (after journeying through the land of antiperspirants).


While a Venus bump (is that what it’s called ?) is understandable in ladies who have not given birth to babies, a bulge is totally unacceptable.  Especially when it’s showing through tight-fitting clothes.  This isn’t about being full-figured, buxom or plump or whatever else because surprisingly, some full-figured ladies have tummies/torsos proportional to their total body size.  A babe should never show up with her torso bulging through her clothes. Never! If you must wear a bodycon dress or whatever, please do Body Magic too.  For the brave of heart, I would suggest tummy targeted exercises (think Yoga or Pilates).  Please do not compromise your reproductive potentials by performing unnecessarily rigorous exercises regardless of the results.

Quite frankly, these steps in our journey are definitely not the same as those in How to be a Naija runs girl but something inside of me chooses ‘babe’ over ‘runs girl’.  I would be back  with the final step , Step 4 – Nether region, legs and feet.

Much love

Rock and roll chic

I love this look

What can be more chic than a lace dress + punk rivets? Trust me, good girl turns bad when lace meets rock and what’s better that a good girl with ‘character’?

Shop the look at la tendenza. Check our BAGS tab for a similar purse and we are loving the lace dress by Jarlo (Carly Hallahan), you know how we do.

Topshop top punk

Lace dress

this is how you work florals, monochrome and pastels into an awesome outfit

Fashion Sparkle Mon Amour

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