Style rule of thumb

I’ve always believed that before knowing what fits your frame comes knowing which colours suit you best/how best to combine colours in such a way that they work and you don’t look like a clown.  And in these days of colourful, colourey, colouresque………………fashion, it has become all the more important to define your style by mixing (colours) well.

In the course of my work, I stumbled upon which is absolutely awesome and succinct.  Being the good girl that I am, I would rather insert the link than plagiarise *wink*. 

In the post, Danielle is basically teaching us all how to combine using the colour wheel (see below).

Do check out the link for great info that I absolutely agree with.  It’s very useful stuff, trust me and would take to a level that’s beyond just sticking to extant rules like ‘light colours over dark colours’ or ‘black goes with everything’ or white stripes go best with blue and red stripes…….

So go for it! Colour me coloured 🙂


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