When ‘designer’ meets ‘high street’

Of fashion collabos there can be no end.  And whether designer wear should be accessible to the middle class and/or  low-income earners is a moot point when designer meets high street.

I get rather sceptical when designers or celebs collabo with high street stores with a view to creating a particular line of clothing mainly because the clothes don’t seem wearable sometimes – look more like costumes but Duro Olowu + JC Penney makes a whole lot of sense.

Some of my fave pieces are below and you can check out the lookbook via http://fashionbombdaily.com/2013/01/24/lookbook-duro-olowu-for-jcpenney/

Love Love gaan Nice

The pieces – prints meet florals meet geometric designs meet monochrome – are absolutely fun and very wearable.

Do you love ’em or do you love ’em?


2 thoughts on “When ‘designer’ meets ‘high street’

  1. Nice post, would you consider reposting it to FB page “Bloggers4JCPenney” I really want to support them and think bloggers would have a positive influence. Thank you.

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