The journey to babeliness- Step 3

I am so overwhelmed by all the positive feedback  I’ve received from readers of this journey.  I should confess that far from being something from charm school or an etiquette class, the steps on this journey are the steps that I have taken personally or observed other babes take.  And the rewards, the results, the feedback have been mind-boggling since 19XX.

Step 3: Hands, arms, and torso

Step 3a-Hands

As I look at my hands, I remember the number of taunts I received when I was a teenager.  ‘Haaaaaaa!!!!!! Your hands are like that of man’ and Uuuuugghhhhh!!! Your nails are so short! Growing up and getting into university (or college) didn’t make it better or rather, I didn’t make it better. My nails were still short and always without nail colour.

But once I allowed my friend convince me to get falsies, I started paying more attention to the roles my hands play in my life.

You are probably thinking ‘Enough already!’ How often should I get a manicure?  What should I do to my rough palms? How can I stop sweaty palms? What colour should my nails be? How should I file my nails? What shape should they be? Should I grow my nails or go with falsies?

I understand totally because questions about the best state for our hands is almost like torrential rainfall.   Trust me, the hands issue is a big one. I once knew someone who would avoid shaking people because her palms were really rough. So what should a babe do?

As is my custom, I would start off with the basic things and then we can move on to the advanced issues.  If cleanliness is next to babeliness, then we should start by keeping clean hands and nails.  There is no way this simple principle can be over emphasized. It’s not only good for keeping germs at bay, it’s awesome for your confidence (and a babe generally has a healthy dose of confidence).

For keeping your hands clean, I have listed an arsenal for your use:

Soap (or handwash) and water:  This is pretty basic and you already have access to these items.  Do not discountenance all the adverts by Dettol and others, clean hands are key.  Start a good habit today, always wash your hands when you have to and when you can. 

Certainly, I’m not saying that a babe always as a bar of soap and a bottle of water with which to wash her hands. Truth is you won’t always have soap and water at every turn.

Hand sanitizer: Tada!!! Hand sanitizer to the rescue. These come in portable sizes and you can always buy a large bottle from which you can refill your pocket-size bottle (very ‘handy’, init?)

Hand or baby wipes: For those times (and it happens to a lot of people) when you just want the moist or wet feeling that comes from washing with soap and water, these would serve you well.

Basic, right?

Next, you should ensure that your nails are in ‘proper’ condition.  I’m almost certain that every girl, lady or woman has been guilty of the chipped nail polish syndrome so I’m not even gonna rub it in or try to chastise y’all, ’cause we all know that is just not right.  For this next stage on the hands phase of our journey, you need the following:

Nail file: To get your nails back in shape when they suddenly chip off from pressure or an accident. You would never know whose hands you are gonna shake or who would be holding your hand and begging for it in marriage (lol).  Okay.  Point is, a babe makes every effort to keep her nails properly filed.

Nail buffer and shiner: For the DIY babes, these help give your nails both a smooth and shiny finish as you do your manicure.

Nail polish: Every girl has a favorite nail colour.  You should keep a bottle handy for adding the necessary extra layers and if you can’t be bothered with nail colour, stick with clear nail polish.

Finally, if you don’t have the time or energy for any of this,  just make friends with a top nail technician and pay her a visit every 2 weeks to get your manicure done.

More advanced issues

I would focus on the following specific issues.  Please remember, I’m not a professional or expert in these matters; I’m just sharing my experiences with you.

Rough palms: As worrisome as they may be, there is a proven solution.  The person I referred to earlier did the following and was impressed by the improvement. She invested in a hand scrub by Mary Kay which she used religiously.  She always crushed her facial scrub or body scrub in her palms.  She did warm soaks and then laced her palms with a mixture of Vaseline and olive oil every night.

Split nails: A good investment is a targeted multivitamin like Perfectil (hair, nails and skin) supplement.  In addition, make it a habit to file your nails in one direction only and encourage the nail technicians to do so.  Trust me, a couple of nail technicians may not know this and it’s your nails, so take charge! DO NOT bite your nails or STOP biting your nails!!!

The chipped polish syndrome: In this day and age, the rat race and all, it’s very easy to NOT have time for nail polish top up.  What to do? Buy nail polish remover pads that you can keep in your makeup bag, they would come in handy to save you from any embarrassing situations OR invest in Sally Hansen stick on nail polish (different colours and patterns) tres jolie!

Keeping falsies: I personally admire women who consistently fix falsies and are able to maintain them. Falsies are great for giving a hand lift (if you get my drift).  Nonetheless, we should note that we need to let our natural nails breathe from time to time.  Ensure that you talk to the technician about how often you need to fill up the falsies.  Check regularly for fungal growth.  Never allow the falsies to get weak on your natural nails as this is potentially damaging to the nail bed.

Though the shape of my hands haven’t changed, I have always kept my hands and (properly filed and buffed) nails clean and I have indulged in falsies on different occasions for my hand lift:)

I would be back shortly with Step 3b-Arms

Much love

La tendenza


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