Rachel Zoe’s Faves in L.A.

We just came across this interview with Rachel Zoe on Anna Dello Russo’s website.  Check it out, as Rachel reveals her favorite things about living in Los Angeles and why it is the place to be.

3 words to describe Los Angeles

I need 4! Relaxed. Casual. Happy. Scenic.

3 words to communicate your love for Los Angeles

Where I exhale.

Why should I live in Los Angeles? Give me 3 reasons

Gorgeous weather, mountains, Malibu beaches.

3 reasons to not live in Los Angeles

I can’t wear my collection of vintage coats, hats and boots!

Your 3 favorite places in Los Angeles

Sunset Tower Restaurant & Bar, Chateau Marmont, SoHo House.

3 best fashion inspirations of all time from Los Angeles

Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor, Anjelica Houston.

Your 3 favorite shops in Los Angeles

Resurrection, Curve, Elyse Walker.

3 most exciting recent fashion styling trends in Los Angeles

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