Welcome to Hair Brush School

The size of your styling brush depends on the desired style and length of your hair.  In terms of round brushes, the longer the hair the larger the diameter of the round brush.  There are so many different types of brushes on the market…so what ones should you include in your brush collection? Let’s go to brush school…

1.  The Paddle Brush-  This brush is perfect for a style that is smooth and sleek without a lot of volume.  This brush is best for longer styles.  I like to use the paddle brush, when blow drying, to get the majority of moisture out of the hair before using a round brush.

2. Soft Bristled Round Brush- This brush is gentle on tangles yet gives enough tension to smooth out wavy hair.  Using this brush will help achieve a volumous style with shine because of all the bristles smoothing out every strand of hair.

3.  Thermal Round Brush- …

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