The journey to babeliness – Step 2

Brava! You have taken the first step and it seems to me like you took it a long time before the article.   Or perhaps just after reading the article.  Whatever the case, we are on the way!

Trust me, I’m very keen on this babeliness thing and it’s not about rolling your “r” or putting an “r” in every word, or forming “phon-eh”, or an accent, it’s not even about looking like you never stepped in the sun.

 Step 2: Face and Neck.

 You must have read in some magazine or article that you should cleanse your face, use a toner, then a moisturiser and the whole nine yards, in short. So am I gonna say it again? Absolutely!!!! And why?

 ‘Cause it’s extremely important for a babe to take care of her face.  How about the drinking lots of water, the washing your face every night, the choice of make up and bla bla bla bla.  Having a headache yet? Lol.

 Truth is, a babe must love her face. The face is the first thing anybody or any thing would notice even before they meet you. You dont agree?  Please share.

 So here’s the deal…

  • First – do the really simple things to keep your face looking good. Drinks lots of water during the day, do NOT drink so much at night cause you want to make up your litres.  This will only either make you bed-wet or get up quite a lot through the night.
  • Also -Wash your face every night before you sleep and I mean, EVERY night, whether or not you’ve got makeup on it. This would ensure that your pores breathe.
  • In addition – Gorge on fruits and veggies.   This would soon start sounding cliched if care isn’t taken but it works.  Amazing results too.  Citruses, papaya, strawberries, watermelon, carrot, cucumber, spinach, tomatoes………. And if you can’t stand fruits, you should try fruit smoothies.  Now, in our world, we may not ever get round to gorging on these fruits.  You should try a multivitamin supplement or vitamins A, B, C and E.  Matter of factly, Vitabiotics has got Perfectil for skin, hair and nails.  Voila!  
  • You should treat your neck with as much passion as you treat your face.  It’s not like I’m advocating for ‘facials’ for the neck but we do tend to apply cream to our necks.  Clean, tone and moisturize your neck as you do your face. 
  • Apply the same cream to your neck as you do your face and don’t forget to blend your powder so your neck doesn’t look like it’s just a pole for your face.

On to the not so simple things…

  • You should have a beauty regimen.  By this I mean whatever beauty thing you do on your face, do it as regularly as you should.   So if you do facials (do it every 2 weeks), if you do the cleanse, tone and moisturise thingy every morning (do it every morning), if you apply face and neck mud (every weekend), do it every weekend.  Just do it as regularly as you can.
  •  Choose really good makeup (powder, eye shadow, mascara) whatever you use must be good quality stuff.  And good doesnt mean pricey – just so you know. Avon, Black Opal, Sleek, Zaron and some other brands make affordable stuff.
  •  If you love good ol’ white powder, go for talc-free powder.  Essentially, you really have to find out what works best for you, so you might want to consult a dermatologist(what?!!!!!!) or read up on the internet or magazines (smiles).
  •  Always carry wipes or refreshening towels, or face tissues to pat your face dry when you sweat. You may carry refreshing face sprays in your bag, if you like. *chuckles*. You should wear shades to protect your face in the sun or wear a wide brimmed hat(hee-haw).

 Bottomline, a babe always keeps her face clean and free of grit.  I’m really tempted to make some comments on oral hygiene too but I wouldn’t go there.  suffice it to say that you should always keep your breath fresh.

 The next steps would be upper and mid torso…………see ya!


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