I love Chicken legs!!!!!

Tasty snack

I know I should be writing step 3 in the journey to babeliness but I had to stop for a snack. Chicken legs…very tasty, trust me.

I don’t mean actual chicken legs though. *sticking out tongue* Just want to take out time to trash out this issue once and for all and I mean it. But I do love my legs, chicken legs, that’s what it is called in the world of fashion. It’s that type of leg that’s really thin towards the ankle. You got it. Right! Matter of factly, just look at a regular chicken and you would understand.

Cracking the bones

Even for the boldest, most confident of us, chicken legs can be a struggle and I don’t mean cracking the bones. I mean dealing with the type of clothes to wear, what type of shoes, sandals, the way the legs look in skirts or leggings or skinnies…the whole 9 yards. I would like to tell you about my struggle with chicken legs, how I overcame and how Ive come to love my legs so.

You can start by just being grateful that you don’t have to use crutches or you don’t have worse leg issues. And then you can proceed to do the following:

What to wear

1. Skirts: Wear pencil skirts, A-line and pleated (short, knee-length or midi) never wear long pencil skirts that stop at the ankle thereby emphasizing your chicken legs. If you must wear long skirts, stick to pleated or A-line skirts.

2. Trousers: Wear full length trousers or three-quarters that are the same width from hip down. Never wear three-quarters that are tight at the calf muscles. When wearing three-quarters pair with gladiator sandals. In the case of the skinny pants trending now, make sure it’s not tapering towards the end in a way that clings to your legs like leggings.

3. Leggings: This is a really tough one and I had a tough time accepting that I couldn’t wear leggings the normal way. Matter of factly, I always wore skinny jeans instead. Which makes sense because denim is a thicker material than Lycra or cotton so it doesn’t draw attention to the legs. However, if you must wear leggings, roll them up the way we used to roll our stockings in our primary school days. It is really cool, and different too (pair with gladiator sandals)

4. Shorts: Wear shorts that are above or just at the knees. Pair with gladiators, thongs or slippers if you like. Hip tip: wear an anklet if you can.

5. Shoes: Pumps, gladiators, thongs, be careful with ballet pumps and ensure you’re pairing with the right clothes

As a general rule, never wear anything that excessively brings attention to your ankle without compensating with some volume above the ankle line. Make sure you don’t wear things that cling to the ankles.

See you at Step 3. Much love


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