Warrisome things


Truth be told, I am not sure why i always find time to write these notes when i am in Warri – I guess there’s some good here afterall (e go come be like say na only Warri person dey travel go).  More than a year after my first visit, I am back in Warri again but this time for longer though for the same reasons (if you no remember the reason, make u read true true warri no dey carry last).

The same feeling of ecstasy fills my brain, adrenaline raging through my veins as i put myself under intense pressure in preparing for the task ahead (like say na Olympics person dey prepare for).  Can’t deny i love this town.  The air is clean: not laden with the thick exhaust fumes and dump site stench that permeates the air in Lasgidi.  I can go on and on but………………….

I’m a gidi girl

And lasgidi show me suntin before I comot. Shuo! The airport wahala was massive no be small.  To start with the unending renovations have left travellers queueing in tents like peeps waiting for relief packages -no disrespect to my brothers in sudan, somalia or syria.  The dust alone left my clothes looking like a store rag not to mention the effect on my skin.  Having survived the stress in the tent, i enter the world of delayed flights as produced by Arik Air. 

I wonder if I should sue Arik for delaying the flight for 2 hours without notifying the passengers.  But I conclude that the suit would never see the light of day in Nigeria though such a thing has the potential to turn me into an instant celebrity. I could almost picture myself with a group of lawyers giving interviews and saying nothing but ‘no comments’.  I snap out of my reverie as I hear the flight announcement in some kain wanna be phoneh.  Smhfdo!!!!!!!!!!!

Thankfully, we get to Warri in good time and we are greeted by a high level of sanity at Osubi airstrip.  Never mind that it’s an airstrip, it is way better than the domestic wing in Lagos.  

As we make our way to Effurun, which isn’t so far from the airport, I begin see some ‘chicks’ with some colour rioting sturvs no be colour blocking o! Colour battle! I begin see chicks with weaves glued on in lace wig style.  Ha! Ma para e na, na by force? if you can’t buy lace wig, just fix your ‘wet and waves’.  The guys seem to be saner until I see one guy with ‘pedal pushnah’.  Ha!! Egbami- Whis ky don do suntin o!!!!!!!!

Almost ROTFL, i decide that no matter what sha, I’ma love Lasgidi till I die naa ni.

The warrisome things

I love it here. I do.  I’m not sure if it’s the absence of traffic or the sheer purity of the ambience or the near pristine quality of the scenery.  Lots of water bodies between the green(the water dem brown sha). I just love it.  I love the fact that the weather is cool yet unpredictable and the roads are more motorable than not.  I hear there’s a new cinema in Effurun, perhaps we can go and check it out.  Will I change my mind, when i go into town? I don’t know but in the interim…………………

But abeg, which one be that large roundabout for effurn wey fit contain 10 houses or the massive road median from the roundsabout to NPA wey fit reach us do 4 extra lanes.  Abeg which one be the dead look wey dey that PTI building like say dem no dey do anything for there.  Which one be the extremely dead look and feel of the NPA.  It doesn’t look like a port at all when you compare it to Tin Can Island.  Warri port just be like clean junk yard-if there was ever one!

I am deeply amazed at the glaring difference between Warri and Lagos in spite of all the potential locked in here.  I guess I am shocked that I am surprised at it all.  What is being done with all there is to use here?  Without going into a fit of rage on FB, that my friends, is the most warrisome thing.

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