true, true Warri no dey carry last


I was giddy, a little bit dizzy too. I didn’t understand, what manner of excitement is this? Warri and Escravos? When no be say na Barbados and Ibiza. Ok o. You don’t understand either, I can tell.

I had known for a couple of months that I would have to travel to Warri (client related sturvs) and when it finally came, I was happy.

Warri (Wafi, na im we dey o)

Flying into Warri, I looked thru the plane’s window, lots of green land. Beautiful! And then we approached the airstrip (they don’t have an airport), there were bodies of water in the midst of the green. I thought ‘this is lovely’ then I saw…………signs of oil on the water, like when you pour kerosene on water………….yes, that’s what it looked like.

It didn’t seem too black so I didn’t let it bother me. Finally, we landed and I could feel the cool breeze on my cheeks. I LIKE! I made my way into town and the roads were not so bad, people were just going about their business. Pretty cool! Then I saw a flame ahead – gas flaring.I wanted to take a picture so badly but the vehicle was moving too fast. Never mind, there’ll be another chance, I said to myself.

On to Escravos

I really didn’t know what to expect with Escravos. The first time I came across that name was when I was nine years of age,  looking at a map of Nigeria.  I thought what a pretty name.  And pretty, it is.  Escravos is an island. *eyes rolling back* But not your vacationy kinda island.  Pele o.

Lots of oil and gas sturvs going on there.  It’s also home to the first EGTNL project in Nigeria. *thumbs up Wafi peeps* Every night and some times, day,  was rainy in Escravos.  It’s near the water so that’s expected.  Very breezy, peaceful atmosphere.

Passing through the security checks at the “port”, I noticed that the villages were actually outlying villages. Fenced off from the project site. From where I stood I couldn’t see any modern looking house, but there was electricity. (Eko, kilon shele? )

Going back to Warri from Escravos, I noticed the same oily patterns, didn’t look like art work to me o! I realized that this can only be the tip of the “oilberg”.  All in all, I enjoyed Warri (Effurun) for the tranquil atmosphere and Escravos for the sights ( the water, the project). The lyrics of M.I’s song running through my mind, I began to understand.

Would I love to go back there, absolutely!


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