The journey to babeliness – Step 1

If cleanliness is next to godliness as they say, then I daresay babeliness begins with cleanliness.  For lack of a better word to describe our innate desire to be ‘babes’, I have coined the word babeliness.  This attribute can be achieved in steps and all steps can be taken at once.  Rather nice, isn’t it?

Step 1: Hair

Behold! I heard ‘ the hair is the glory of a woman’ and I nodded with my hair extensions bouncing in the wind, exuding the fruity freshness of my citrus fragranced shampoo…Lol!!!  But seriously, when the good Book says the hair is a woman’s glory, it ain’t no joke.  Especially when you consider the lovable human hair craze now sweeping through the countries of the world.  Even in countries where women naturally have long hair, extensions flood the market! 

Truth be told, women can never get enough of hair.  I wouldn’t even bother trying to list all the hair types, tags, textures, sources.  I wouldn’t try!

But what is it about hair that a babe needs to take note of ?  What’s the hair criterion or what are the hair criteria for babeliness?  Surely, it shouldn’t necessarily be the number of weaves you own or the cost of these recent investment items for which Accountants have found no Accounting standards or tax treatment.

Have you ever hugged your friend and found yourself gagging  or has your boyfriend ever turned his face away as you ran int his arms?  Ok, ok the point is, you should never let your hair STINK, it can SMELL (nice) but never stink.

 So here’s the deal…

  • First – if you keep your natural hair, please ensure that you allow your hair breathe from time to time.  As a rule, you should wash your hair at least every 2 weeks.  If you’ve got a weave on, you should air dry, blow dry, wet wash or use a dry shampoo for your hair.  Keep it clean.
  • Then – if you must wear a weave, please wear a suitable one.  I personally love human hair and would always recommend it.  Trust me, it’s the best thing.  You may consider it an investment and it certainly is but there are affordable brands of human hair in the market now.  With good care and use, you can always get the best of your weave.  Certainly, one can’t use human hair for all hair styles.  Always wear a suitable weave or wig.
  • For babes that love to braid their hair or keep it in corn rows or dreadlocks, please air your hair from time to time. For sheen, apply a suitable polisher but sparingly so that the braids don’t get dirty.  Please speak to your hair dresser, salonist or stylist for more advice.


  • You should take good care of your hair and your hair extensions too.  Use a very good shampoo, conditioner and/or moisturizer.
  • Deep condition your hair at least once a month.  Snip off dead ends and ensure that you do all you can to keep your hair healthy.  Use a good salon.
  •  Gorge on fruits, veggies and water too.  You may want to try Vitabiotics’ Perfectil.

In the end, a babe always takes care of her hair and hair extensions.  You won’t catch her dead with stinky hair (that sweat and cream and dirt mixture, not nice).  Whether short or long, a babe’s hair is always healthy.

Stay with me as we go to step 2 – Face and Neck


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